Kitui County Power Play Intrigues: County Gvt vs CA, a critical analytical view.



By Kennedy ndoe.

Current Kitui County politics:Power play intrigues, Kitui County government vs Kitui assembly Mcas, a critical analytical view,Current happenings in Kitui County political rainbow cannot go unchecked. A view as is from last few days points a delicate, critical and juicy perspective.
The cradle of the misunderstanding

(1) Ngilu, Kibwana, Mutua Kitui meeting…

The media reported this as economic integration btn the three ukambani counties. No. Muvisi was following closely. He saw a meeting to cut his political influence in Kamba Nation. Kivutha just like Mutua are serving their last term, they have nothing to loose. Ngilu is looking for second term. Muvisi had to act fast to delink Ngilu from the rest. A plan was hatched, one was to activate wiper muvisi Mcas to tame governor,read below….

(2 )Kitui County wiper muvisi Mcas

Flash back… During Ngilu swearing in, a not so amused muvisi after loosing wiper governor, muvisi warned Ngilu that she is leading a minority govt with his party members as majority…
Fast forward…To delink Ngilu from kivutha and Mutua,county wiper leadership were whipped, to hit Ngilu whether it hurts most…Where? Finances dept….why finances… The epitome of political muscle world wide….

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( 3)CEC Finance Mary Nguli

The tough talking financial guru from Makueni was the first target for Ngilus…
Where it hurts most, wiper strategy.
So why are Mcas ready to impeach Mary Nguli?
✅She is Ngilu trusted financial guru, a no nonsense financial referral, so hit Mary hard, to weaken Ngilu. A clever strategy by wiver Mcas. Also note. The mover of impeachment motion is Muvisi home Mca, Hon Kasina. The first signatory on the impeachment motion is wiper majority leader, now connect the dots…(4)2022 Governor contestants and their interlink ages with current crisis
Candidates warming up for Kitui County 2022 contest are also involved in this crisis….here is the list…

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✅ Hon Master aka Kisithe

A grassroots mobilizer and muvisi diehard. He is following the crisis with keen interests. He is a serious candidate who can excite crowds, but muvisi just like he did to musila, he won’t give him ticket because if Kitui Vs mwingi political dynamics

✅ Hon senator Wambua Kiio

Current senator to me, he is the heir apparent in wiper governor 2822 strategy. Notice how wiper Mcas lead by a Speaker Ndoto trooped to Nguni goat Auction after muvisi visited the previous day? Get the clues now…
✅ Former governor Malombe
The planner technorat still has some support especially among county staff who feel current regime is ignoring them. I also notice he still have loyal social media blogs and mainstream media loyal scribes waiting at sidelines for a weak joint to hit.

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✅ Hon kiema Kilonzo

Current Uganda high Commissioner. A loyal supporter of “Jubilee party B” its rumored he will land at Kyanika grounds at opportune time fully loaded for onslaught. Currently the ratings are reading.. Low level…

✅ Hon Makali mulu

To me he is the most lethal would be governor contestant 2022,but ameficha white. My moles are still working on the story…

Way forward out of this stalemate

Muvisi can’t accept to loose his Makueni wiper fanatical support.(read Ngilu and Mary) Impeachment motion for Mary will collapse. Supplementary budget will pass.Muvisi is a seasoned crafty, decoy led political player. Make no mistake
⛔Governor Ngilu will delink her politics from Mutua and kivutha… They are have nothing to loose. She has second term to loose or win…This is as…
Binoculars sees it.