Kitui County launch Energy Outlook Program data



The county government of kitui through the ministry of energy and Natural resources have finally launched the kitui county Energy outlook data, the COUNTY DIARY can Now report.

The forum was led by the Minister in charge of Environment, Energy and Natural resources Hon john Makau accompanied by the Ministry chief Officer Clement Munyithya and other seniors officers from the ministry, The Event was held at Green African Center of Excellence in Kitui
County on 16.09.2019

Speaking during the forum
The Minister said Energy is a very key driver in socio-economic development and human well-being as well as environmental protection, The Fourth Schedule of the Kenyan constitution 2010, recognises energy
as a shared function between the National and County government.

The role assigned to the county governmen ts being planning while the National government is assigned the role of policy development. The
Kenya Vision 2030 also identifies energy an enabler to its socio-
economic development, the Minister said.

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Further, pursuant to National Energy Act 2019, energy planning, the county govemments, Kitui County Government is already
developing its own County Energy Master plan.

The Nature of energy is that it is an enabler for other sectors health,
education, water supply, agriculture, transport, business and livelihood
expansion, Manning for energy therefore needs consideration and integration of allother sector plans, the chief officer added.

In meeting our county mission of providing effective services and an enabling environment for inclusive and sustainable socio-economic
developrment and improved livelihoods for our people, Munyithya said.

It all begins with Energy

Energy Is an important role in achieving our development ambitions, “As a county government, we aim to provide affordable and sustainable energy alternatives to all households. It is our goal to provide an enabling environment for all Kitui residents so that everyone is accorded Similar opportunities to economic growth and environmental Sustainability., the Minister said.

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Our energy plans are therefore in line with the county ‘s policy, Kenya
Vision 2030 framework, Constitution of Kenya, the SDG 7/and the new

Energy Act 2019.

Once implemented, the plans will go a long way in meeting the
Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to the National agenda On Sustainable Energy for All.

Kitui County Energy Outlook which was initiated a couple of years ago through our collaboration with WWF K and SEAF-K and we dearly appreciate their commitment to see that the report was successively done, Makau said.

The launch the Kitui Energy Outlook report, this document offers a
snapshot of the current energy consumption in households and
institutions within our county. It also looks at our energy resources and
their potential; initiatives we are undertaking to promote energy access
and the processes of implementing and actualizing set policies and frameworks.

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By understanding the energy sources, mix, preferences, factors
influencing choice of fuels and technologies, the Ministry has developed rafts of programs. Projects, activities and offer technologies that meet our people ‘s needs at the least cost possible, the Minister said.

To this end, we aim to work with all the stakeholders in the energy sector and beyond in order to promote equitable access to reliable and
affordable energy within the County while promoting environmental.