Kitui County Feted by National Treasury Over Financial Prudence.


By Barack Muli

28th December,2018

Kitui Recieves Recognition by National Treasury for the County’s commitment towards achieving excellence on Financial matters, Kitui County on Friday received a major boost in the area of capacity building and financial matters following a recognition of its commitment towards achieving excellence in financial reporting by the National Treasury, efforts which have earned the county free technical assistance.

This is a significant accomplishment by the county government and its management given the role National Treasury plays in financial management matters, Courtesy of Kitui treasury executive member mary Nguli under the leadership of Governor Charity Ngilu.

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Kitui was picked to benefit due to its cultivation of a constructive spirit of full disclosure that has led it to clearly communicate its financial story by properly accounting and posting all its transactions in the IFMIS system as affirmed by the National Treasury.

Under the support, officers from National Treasury and consultants from PricewaterhouseCoopers will work closely with the county to address any outstanding issues and ensure a clean audit opinion. Clearly, this is a big step in developing the county’s capacity for efficient, effective and transparent financial management thereby well positioning the county among those that will lead the pack in getting a clean audit opinion. So far, none of the 47 counties has had a clean audit report .

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The lessons learnt from Kitui will be replicated in all the other counties, the National Treasury has revealed through its letter to the County. This is a welcome development as it will open doors for development funding and extensive support from donors and other development partners.

#KituiAheadofThe pack

File Picture)Kitui county finance Executive Member Mary Nguli the Expert in financial matters.