Kitui Chats Path to Grow Local economy for Successful Devolution


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

By Barrack Muli,

Kitui County is focusing on growing the local economy to complement the support by the national government to ensure successful implementation of the county’s five-hinged development plan,Speaking at Kanyaa Primary grounds in Mwingi West Sub county today during the 55th Jamhuri day fete, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu restated her commitment to work hard in collaboration with Kitui residents to accelerate the achievement of the five priorities for the county.

She said residents have the mandate to decide on the use of local resources such as minerals to boost the county’s gains and respond to their most pressing needs,Ngilu said it was imperative to evaluate the progress devolution has made and assess its power to eradicate poverty, inequality and marginalization in the country. “it is our responsibility to ensure that devolution delivers to Kenyans. Here in Kitui that responsibility begins with me, but extends to all of you.

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Ugatuzi ni jukumu langu, na jukumu lako pia.”. she said.
She commended President Uhuru Kenyatta for growing the manufacturing sector, expanding access to Universal Healthcare coverage, providing affordable and decent housing and enhancing food and nutrition security, Ngilu said her government had worked on improving water supply, healthcare provision, youth skills training and employment, and increasing production of food in the county – but decried the 15% allocation by the national government as inadequate.
The Governor said the County Health Insurance Cover {KCHIC} had recorded over 100,000 households and continues to assure good quality health care to all residents across the county.


She noted that further growth in the health sector had been realized citing the case of a 24 bed amenity ward at the Kitui Level 4 Hospital, state of the art diagnostic equipment, the CT scan, ECG, ECHO machines, X-ray and dialysis machines, Ngilu said further economic measures, for instance, ballast crushing will be done in Yatta to ensure no ballast for construction will be imported saying the deposits at Yatta are adequate.

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