Kitui Assembly Told To Raise above Average leadership.



By the County diary.

30th December 2018

Kitui county Ward legislators so far have not yet convinced the electorate that they working for them. Most of them are yelling around without a point. Majority of residents are torn between the lane and Poverty level, The regional leadership wonder why Kitui MCAs doesn’t deal with the issues in real time from the assembly committee stages,

Wiper leader Dr Kalonzo Musyoka speaking during a burial ceremony on weekend urged the CA and the executive to amicably deal with the emerging issues without blowing it unproportionally, I believe every ministry has a committee tasked with overseeing affairs of the parent Ministry.


The Assembly committees must have either slept on their job or they doesn’t know what is expected of them, we should not be seeing their reactions on social Media when supplementary budget is brought on the floor of the house, there must be something hidden with the county leaders that is not coming up clearly.

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Kitui Electorate are suffering, they will not get bursaries probably, Medicine and other services!There are possibility that Majority will not come back for obvious reasons, The committees in charge of Finance, LIHUD should also be in the line of resigning from their roles, not helping at all.

While at it… Am acutely aware that the CAB&A committee went through the supplementary budget, tingered with it, prepared a report with recommendations and tabled it to the assembly for debate and adoption or rejection. My question is ; isn’t this the report that they rejected? Doesn’t the entire CA have faith and confidence in its own committee?? Food for Thought.

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