Kitui Assembly to Vet 26 Accounting Officers as restless supporters run slapdash



The much awaited vetting of Kitui accounting officers will be held from 30th & 31st January 2023.

The assembly reports on COs will be done from 1st to 4th .

The assembly will hold Special sittings on 6th & 7th February to approve the 26 COs, CECM for basic education and harmonized ADP documents.

The Assembly has already sent letters to all relevant public institutions such as EACC, KRA, DCI, KNEC and universities for verification of the documents by all the nominees.

The Assembly is optimistic that it shall get all the responses next week so as to do the vetting on 30th and 31st January 2023 as planned, the Speaker Kinengo told the press on Saturday.

“Pursuant to the provisions of Section 45(1) of the County Governments Act 2012 as read together with Section 6(1) and 7(1) of the Public Appointments (County Assemblies Approval) Act No. 5 of 2017, the Hon. The Speaker during the County Assembly special sitting (morning session), notified the House and committed the names of 26 County Chief Officers nominees to the respective Sectoral Committee for vetting.

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The list of the 26 County Chief Officers is as follows; –

  1. David Soi Masai, Chief Officer nominee, Environment and Forestry.
  2. Kamunda John, Chief Officer nominee, Governor’s Service Delivery.
  3. Nathan Kasamba Vungo, Chief Officer nominee, Water.
  4. Gladys Mami Wambua, Chief Officer nominee, Irrigation.
  5. Nelly Kavuu Mutisya, Chief Officer nominee, Agriculture and Fisheries.
  6. Jonathan Kyambi Nzau, Chief Officer nominee, Livestock Development & Apiculture.
  7. Michael Mutisya Kalii, Chief Officer nominee, Lands and Housing.
  8. Evans Mutemi Mutua, Chief Officer nominee, Urban Development.
  9. Pauline Kikele Mwalali, Chief Officer nominee, Basic Education, ECDE & Childcare Facilities.
  10. Kennedy Munyambu Mwendwa, Chief Officer nominee, Polytechnics, Vocational Centres and Homecraft Centres.
  11. Peter Ketonya Musya, Chief Officer nominee, Transport and Bodaboda Sector.
  12. Franciscah Kanza Kyuli, Chief Officer nominee, Performance Contracting, Disaster & Emergency Services.
  13. Lynn Kitwan, Chief Officer nominee, Public Health & Sanitation.
  14. Paul Ngei Monyi, Chief Officer nominee, Cooperatives & Citizen Group Economic Empowerment Initiatives.
  15. Fednard Ndemah Kathenge, Chief Officer nominee, Tourism, Hospitality and Game Reserves.
  16. Dr. Musyoka Benson Wambua, Chief Officer nominee, Medical Services.
  17. Stephen Kitonga Salee, Chief Officer nominee, Decentralized Units. SEKEB & Inter-Governmental Relations.
  18. Henry Ngilu Nyamai, Chief Officer nominee, Energy, Mineral & Natural Resources.
  19. Agnes Kawila Mulewa, Chief Officer nominee, Public Service & General Administration.
  20. Aggrey Kinyalili Kamba, Chief Officer nominee, Drugs & Medical Supplies.
  21. Patrick Masila Munuve, Chief Officer nominee, Economic Planning & Budgeting.
  22. Stephen Makau Musili, Chief Officer nominee, Trade, Industry, MSMEs & County IEZs.
  23. Benjamin Kithee Chamia, Chief Officer nominee, Roads & Public Works.
  24. John Makau Kimwele, Chief Officer nominee, Finance, Revenue Management, & Accounting.
  25. Bretta Mwangangi, Chief Officer nominee, Culture, Gender & Social Services.
  26. Nason Kang’alya Kilonzo, Chief Officer nominee, Youth, Sports ICT & Initiatives.

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At the same time,

The speaker committed the name of CECM nominee for Education, Training and Skills Development Mrs. Joyce Titus to the Committee on Appointments to Undergo Section 14(3)(a) of the County Governments Act as read together with Section 7(1) of the Public Appointments (County Assemblies Approval) Act and Standing Order No. 184(4) for consideration.


Anyone fueling division between the two arms of the government should be called out, failure to which supporters of these two arms of government can plug kitui into disarray.