Kitui Assembly Reconvenes with “Special Calls” to Prioritise Musangi


By Yoana Kimwele.

The County Assembly of Kitui is set to resume sitting again with calls to put Musangi as a priority for the betterment of the entire Kitui county.

On Wednesday the 27th of May, 2020, the County Assembly of Kitui will re-convene their constitutional sitting to debate and subsequently approve Supplementary 2 Budget for 2019/2020 Financial Year.

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This is expected to enable Governor Charity Ngilu’s Government to continue fostering development in the county.

The National Government has allocated kitui county 420 million to fight the pandemic, the assembly is expected to appropriate the funds among other related assignments.

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At the County Assembly gate, the Ministry of Health officials will be conducting the screening and testing of the MCAs temperatures as a move to curb the spread of COVID -19.