Kitui Assembly leadership status quo Remains after an attempted coup failed


The Kitui Assembly today continued with its regular operations after an attempted wiper party majority leadership and majority whip coup failed to materialize.

The new team arrived in the assembly early to take over the position, the team were later told to take their rightful position according to the house standing rules.

The status quo remains intact as the assembly members go about their usual business of serving the great people of Kitui County.The failed coup demonstrated the strength and stability of the assembly leadership , as any attempt to disrupt its functioning has been swiftly and effectively dealt with.

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The attempted coup may have caused a brief disruption, but it has ultimately proven to be unsuccessful in its objective. The assembly members have shown their commitment to upholding the democratic principles and processes of their institution.They continue to work together in harmony, respecting the will of the people who elected them.

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The failed coup serves as a reminder to all that the Kitui Assembly is a resilient and united entity, dedicated to serving the best interests of its constituents.

Speaking to the TCD Editor, Minority leader Hon Alex Nganga said ”
As far as I am concerned the Majority Leader of Kitui County Assembly is Hon. Harrison Maluki and Hon. Boniface Katula is the Majority Whip. Those are the people i will consult with on matters Kitui County Assembly Leadership”

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The team that sought to displace the Majority leader hon Maluki and wiper Majority whip hon Mukwate will have to go back for the drawing board.

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