Kitui Assembly Chambers Officially Opened Amid Mixed Reactions from online Users



By Wamombe.

I arrived early, sat at middle row, watched everything, this is my opinion….
Hon Ndotto must be naturally or politically smart man. He is in control of county assembly, make no mistake. If he tells CA burn this chamber, they will burn.

leadership, score
Hon Tangawizi…. Was Very eloquent, smart… But didn’t stand firm in his role of oversight
Hon Mbaki, he mumbled, his agenda of how county performed didn’t ryme with attendees.

Hon Kasee, good refined, English, very composed. He actually outlined assembly vision but was not hard politically oversightwise (sic)
Hon Nimrod…

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To me He stole the show, actually he carried the speech of the day. Either he is reading serious revolution literature or he has a maxist leaning adviser. He told Mcas “Do not oppose the governor, but don’t be a friend of the governor”

he cited Hon kawaya in this, the crowned clapped in agreement, this is politically dangerous for the system. My friend from mulango told me, this guy(Nimrod) akeete thina Kitui. I don’t know what he meant
Hon Makali…

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He set a tone of… Mark me 2022…the seat, i don’t know.
Hon Kasalu… She looked unsettled and uncomfortable. Her speech didn’t catch today’s theme.

Senator Kiio… Initially I was overlooking him, believe u me, this guy has grown claws, when “gate supporters”tried to intimidate him by shouting, he took the war to governor Ngilu… He said… Mhesh Ngilu find work for our youth, but not the work they are doing at the gate now…

The crowd shouted and clapped in approval… I didn’t expect that.. Mark this guy..

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Governor Ngilu… As a seasoned politician, she started her speech with a welcoming smile. Along her speech she “beat” Mcas, Hon Kasalu Hon Kiio… Here and there.

The most striking part, and which her handlers must Note…..her narrative and explanation on county government achievements didn’t get applause from the crowd, something which i noticed.

Her speech sounded, struggling with details, her finishing wasn’t convincing. Actually she didn’t respond to senator Kiio bats
Let her handlers prepare governor well before such big functions
Lastly. major contractors were “imported” hii sio poa Bwana George na Hon Kasee…

Those ushers looked “foreign”
Hon members…