The artificial insemination program rolled out by the county targeting farmers across the county has started bearing fruit as the first calf is delivered.

Early morning of Saturday, Mr. Douglas Katuku Mutinda and his wife woke up to a new joy as their cow which had been inseminated on 26/1/2019 gave birth to a healthy male calf.

Mr Mutinda speaking in Mbitini village, Mbitini Ward, expressed his satisfaction and joy. He praised the county Government for the new addition to his herd and looks forward to improved economic growth to his household.

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“I never expected to see a calf at the end. Now, I have a healthy cow, a superior breed, and an addition to my stock.” Mutinda said between smiles.

Kitui County Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau, who visited the home of Mr Mutinda, said this is the first of over 7,000 superior calves that are expected to be delivered over the next 4 months.

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Dr Wathe said the program will help farmers improve the breed of animals that matures faster than local breed, which will translate to quality beef and better returns for the farmers.

Dr Wathe called upon farmers who didn’t participate in the previous exercise to prepare themselves ahead of another insemination exercise scheduled in 2 months.

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“This exercise is just beginning, we have major plans for the livestock farmers, an elaborate scheme to improve their livestock breed,an ultra modern Arbatoir and much more,” said Dr. Wathe.

Dr Wathe was accompanied Agriculture and Livestock Development Chief Officer, James Songolo during the visit to Mr Mutinda’s homestead.