Kitui Agriculture Chief Officer Escalates Ngilu’s Wealth Creation Agenda

16 EARTH DAMS IN KITUI COUNTY, has been STOCKED with over 80,000 TILAPIA FINGERLINGS, Kitui Chief Officer In charge of Agriculture reveals.

On Tuesday, 30th March, 2021-Decorated Kitui chief Officer In-charge of Agriculture Eng Songolo escalated the County Government development agenda on wealth creation, the COUNTY DIARY REPORTS

The program of stocking 16 Earth Dams in Kitui County with 80,000 Tilapia fingerlings, launched by Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau accompanied by the CECM for Livestock, Apiculture and Fisheries Development Emmanuel Kisangau on 12th March, 2021, has come to conclusion after stocking each selected Earth Dams with 5,000 Tilapia fingerlings.

This was revealed by the Chief Officer for Agriculture, Livestock, Apiculture and Fisheries Development James Songolo;

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“Today we have led officers in the Department of Fisheries Development in an escalated excercise to stock a number of Earth Dams in Mwingi North, Mwingi Central and Mwingi West Sub Counties today with thousands of Tilapia fingerlings.

The program was established by Kitui County Government in partnership with the State Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Blue Economy, with an aim of creating Jobs and Wealth to locals after harvesting.

The excercise is set to start after 6 months and if for example, one fish will go at Ksh.200.00, then they will get more than a million shillings.

Speaking to farmers, Mr Songolo affirmed that, Kitui County Government through the Ministry of Livestock, Apiculture and Fisheries Development, is committed to ensure all Earth Dams in the County are stocked with different fingerlings to actualize Governor Charity Ngilu’s first and fifth Agenda in her Manifesto of Food & Water and Wealth Creation respectively.


Some of the Earth Dams stocked today include Matinga in Kyuso Ward, Katia in Mumoni Ward, Kaiveti in Nguutani Ward, Thokoa in Kyome/Thaana Ward, Katuluni in Mui Ward and Kisole in Waita Ward.

Also present during the stocking exercise was officers from Fisheries Department Michael Mutuku, Ms Grace Mwololo and Sub County Administrators among other National and County Government Officers.

Photo by Charles Muthoka.
Kitui Governor’s Press Service.