Kitui Ag Environment Chief Officer Madam Musembi leads Tree Planting Excercise



On Sunday 8th, November 2020 – Kitui County Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources embarked on a journey of planting trees as it is mandated to increase tree cover from the current 7.08% in a bid of attaining the required National Grid of 10%.

In its efforts to do so, the County Ministry led by the Ag. Chief Officer for Environment and Natural Resources M/s Everlyn Musembi who was representing the Ag. Kitui County Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hon Patrick Koki Musau led other County officers who included Environmental officer Mr Dominic Mumbu, Senior Forester Everlyne Kitavi among other County officials for a tree planting exercise in Kitui West Sub-County.

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Today’s tree planting exercise started at African Inland Church (AIC) Kunikila, Aglican Church of Kenya (ACK) St Peter’s Kwa Ndonga and finally at African Inland Church Kyambusya. They also distributed face masks in a bid of combating COVID-19 pandemic.

This exercise is deemed to be extended to all other Sub-Counties.