Kisasi MCA Encourage Local elites to participate in public forums


By Our Reporter

Kisasi MCA hon Emeritus Kasee Musya who doubles as kitui deputy speaker has encouraged local elites and professionals to participate in public participation forums to redefine development priorities.

Counties all over, only approve what has been passed through public participation, The deputy speaker added, “Any citizen can challenge any project done without public participation, Elites need to come and participate in this forums.

There was a heated debate on kisasi WhatsApp forum which comprises local elites, ” over the poor road network in the area and some parts of Kitui.

“I know the situation is really worrying, and also in many more areas across our ward and our people across Kisasi have a right to ask for services. “We have managed to secure a Dozzer and very soon, we shall fix those sections Kasee said”.

“What’s more important for us all is to come out in masses during priorities setting (Budget-making process) since this will help to force the government to allocate more resources for buying more Dozers, or allocating more resources for this heavy grading across our ward /County.

Otherwise, “if we don’t participate in decision making, then we shall just be making political noise every year, The area needs quick fixing. Though we may have very many excuses for this and that, that area is a priority case, a voter said.

Sure bro. It’s within Ur right to petition the government of the day, It’s allowed in our constitution, I was just passing information as the area MCA

Meanwhile, ” I have updated you about when the government is likely to grade that section and many others across the country, Make an effort to attend public participation on 2019 /2020 budget, we Will keep updating you on any new development, Musya added.

We all appreciate the government needs to do a lot.
So let’s ensure our people participate a lot during the budget-making process.
The representation in our ward is worrying during the public forum, It’s time to work together with all great people of Kisasi including my bro Rollon.