Kimilili Mp Dismus Barasa Under Fire, the video footage leaves Kenyans Irked, Angry & embarrassed



Kimilili Member of Parliament is under fire from netizens in an interesting turn of events he was captured on camera while hunging out with his daughter probably on October 12th.

The Controversial Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa was recorded on camera in a controversial father-daughter moment leaving some Kenyans irked, angry and embarrassed at the same time in equal measure.

Seated in an undisclosed restaurant in an undisclosed town, the two were captured on camera enjoying a cup of tea and music.

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The video starts with the MP sitting calmly on the couch of the restaurant with his legs and hands crossed as his daughter picks the transparent glass that was half-full of tea and feeds him like zombie..

He gulps down the tea and upon removing the cup from his mouth, the daughter whose name is withheld picks a serviette paper the then wipes out the leakages from the sides of the glass before feeding him again.

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The MP then mumbles something like “why don’t you drink it as well” to her and as seen in the collage photo above, the takes the cup and sips the tea as he watches in excitement.