Kilome MP Zambia Disburses Bursaries Forms, Launches Football Cup


By PATRICK KIMANZI & Correspondents

MAKUENI: Kilome Constituency MP Hon. Eng. Thaddeus Kithua Nzambia has escalated the proposed disbursement of bursary funds across the constituency – through massive distribution of application forms.

On Friday the MP met with over 1500 students from various institutions across the country together with their parents during a successful public participation meeting.

KILOME MP Hon. Eng. Thaddeus Kithua Nzambia/PHOTO/PATRICK KIMANZI

The MP also had the opportunity to meet players from different teams across Kiimakiu/Kalanzoni Ward.

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While meeting the administrators who included chiefs and assistant chiefs representing all locations from Kilome Constituency, the MP maintained that hard work and prosperity go hand-in-hand.

“I must emphasize on hard-work, discipline and patience in your daily activities” said the MP speaking adressing the participants.

On their part, the students agreed to work hard and maintain high standards of discipline and excellence.

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During the event, all the students have been given the opportunity apply for bursary funds for 2019/20 FY.

Students who had not received their fair share from different institutions have been issued with cheques totaling Kshs 5,000,000 by Hon. Eng. Nzambia.

Later on, Hon. Eng. Nzambia has launched Football Tournament for all Football Clubs in Kiimakiu/Kalanzoni Ward were all the club’s from the Ward had been invited.

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Football Tournament from Kasikeu Ward and Mukaa/Kitaingo Ward will be launched on Thursday, 2/1/2020 at Kasikeu Boy’s and Enzai grounds respectively.