Kiema slaves Dump him for Ngilu as Kitui Gubernatorial race hots Up


The ambitions by ambassador kiema Kilonzo to be the next Governor of Kitui seems to have hit the dead end over the weekend.

Section of people who supports him seems to have realised that the good ambassador can not match in Kitui gubernatorial contest against the Iconic Charity Ngilu, they largely booed political wet dreams by one Kiema Kilonzo, Kenya’s ambassador to Uganda whose tenure will expire on April 2020.

According to our Moles, The Development of former Mp for Mutito Constituency (now Kitui East) has not been favourable despite his name trending so fresh on social media the whole of last year and part of the beginning of this year has totally gone amok, a symbol that nothing happening on his camp as per now, the man has slept and his campaigns have gone below temperatures that Kitui people used to see earlier.

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His name, accompanied by the title ‘His Excellency’ drew the attention of many, pleased many and brought hope to Kitui people by that time. The name of the diplomat was running like a bush fire, catching and was as clean as an angel, being defended and cleansed all the time. He was a threat to anyone who thought of running for Gubernatorial race in Kitui County.

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Governor Ngilu and Dr.Malombe being the most targeters of Kitui Governorship, their PR team went ahead with speed and outshined the outgoing ambassador team which has of late gone so down completely.

“As we speak now, the Governor of Kitui Charity Ngilu her competitor is only Dr.Malombe, other None starters like former Nairobi Deputy Governor Mr Jonathan Mueke will be a small fry for the race.

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Kiema who totally opposed and talked all ill about Kalonzo Musyoka and Wiper Party is now bluffing to be joining the party, but Kalonzo is not politically fool

I can’t feed you and your needy girlfriends, go get a life – Kiema dismissed his clueless online supporters, In a shocking twist, his slaves dismissed him as a political reject who cant be elected anywhere.