By JM musoma

5th January, 2019

Is Kibwana out of his mind or wise in his attacks on Wiper Party Leader? It depends on who you ask,for Musoma and other Misomas it is a justification that he might be actually bellow par.

Wisdom is not a lesson taught in school but a result of the fear of God in our life. Is it not biblical that there are wise people and foolish people on earth? It is the hour of visitation of Presidency in Kamba Nation but some foolish political virgins who have not put oil in their lamps entertain the thought that the groom has delayed so there is no wedding tonight. Makueni Governor has become a busy body meddling in Presidential campaign with a village mentality. Only a fool will burn the bridge after crossing a river, only an idiot will set a house on fire while inside. That is the jealous spirit of Cain that made him killed Abel. Kibwana is nolonger shouldn’t you be your brothers keeper?

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We can’t achieve anything by dividing the community, this were the words of Kibwana during the Koma Declaration. What happened to his clarion call for a unity of purpose when he endorsed Kalonzo? It leaves one guessing how much Ruto has spent to buy his loyalty. A man who robs Peter to pay Paul can only depend on the support of Paul.

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Listen to me Kibwana, we will soon force you to relinquish the Chairmanship of Wiper and fight for your space elsewhere. It is so unfortunate that you can’t pick Kalonzo’s calls or attend to NEC meetings that you are expected to chair yet you expect him to respond your questions via media . That alone exhibits your true self and your smear campaign can’t stop Kalonzo’s Presidency.

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In Ukambani we usually burn the beak of a chicken that drinks from the eggs it lay. Kibwana you must be told the truth

Thank you

Musoma JM.
(Man of the chronicles)