By Jm Musoma

Just like Judas after betraying Jesus Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana committed political suicide for fighting Wiper,the Party that resurrected his dying career in 2017 polls.

Muungano’s colourful wedding with Wiper couldn’t guarantee Kibwana a happy marriage they fell out on disloyalty. Just like a wife to her husband they owe Kalonzo’s Party fidelity and any adulterous endeavors ought to be met with a spirited divorce. After breaking Robert Green’s laws of power by trying to outshine his master and stepping on his shoes, the ungrateful Makueni Governor is now clinching on straws. Politics power in bound on trust and having offended the man of people it is excepted of the people of the man to answer him in ballot. Upon realizing he can’t be President of Kenya Kibwana became another Cain jealous of the sweet aroma from his brother’s acceptable sacrifice.

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The Bible says that in later days old men will see dreams like Kibwana confessed to have had but younger men like Kalonzo will see visions. Dreams are the mental illusions you will have when your mind is idling in slumber but only men whose conscience is awake will see visions. They both have similarities but the only difference is that dreams are catalyzed by idle minds while visions are bound in dictates of wisdom.

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In my view, wisdom is knowledge applied in understanding and men with impaired moral imperatives can’t afford it. Mr. Governor continue dreaming,dreams are good; they are quite entertaining and help us to escape the reality of our frustrations. However what you will see when you wake up is nothing less than the inauguration of a Wiper President, the finger you are busy biting after feeding you.

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Makueni is noisy,messy and we have casualties, Muungano Party has been reduced to Kibwana’s political funeral committee. The Register of Political Parties will soon drive the last nail in his casket.

(Credit) The writer is a political analyst Hon Musoma JM.
(The Man of Chronicles)©TheWayToGo