Kericho Motorists cry over shortage of fuel


By Chepkeiy .

Several petrol stations have deserted due to shortage of fuel affecting the transport sector in Kericho county.

Total,Shell ,Oil Libya and other petrol station in Kericho are running out of fuel without a tangible reasons .

According to Dennis Bett , officer incharge of Total petrol station in Kericho said the shortage of petrol began early in the morning after they sold the whole stock.

“We have been experiencing lack of fuel since 8:00 AM in the morning and we apologize for the inconvenience to our customers and I appeal to our customers to await as we solve the issue “,Bett said.

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Bett also said they had to intervene with police officers to disrupt the customers who didn’t follow the social distancing to curb the spread of the covid-19.

Harrison Maritim,a matatu driver plying Kericho – Bomet route said has been in the queue for a period four hours and all his efforts in fueling the vehicle all are in vain.

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“I have packed the vehicle and passengers are worried on how they will get to their homes to beat the cafew hours and we have no hopes of getting the petrol”, Maritim said.

Following the announcement of fuel by shillings 11 National residents had appeal to the government to review increase of fuel .

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“We need vital information to why the government has increase fuel price and yet we are seriously facing the covid-19 pandemic issue which is realy affecting our business”,Maritim added.

The new price increase of both petrol and diesel of shillings 11.38 and 11.30 respectively is set to be effective at a midnight of Tuesday 14th of July.