Kericho Entrepreneurs Urged to invest Heavily on agribusiness


By Chepkeiy.

0n 6th, August 2020, farmers in Kericho has been encouraged to invest heavily in agri business sector.

Investing in agricultural farming transforms the lives of individuals and the community and everyone is capable of venturing in the agricultural business sector”,EMSAT directors have said.

About 400 metre walk from Kericho-Litein Highway, residents are seen walking away with branded EMSAT eggs from the Emsat enterprises limited located at Kapsuser village in Belgut ,Kericho County.

During a visit to a farm we were warmly received by founders Mr. & Mrs . Samwel Too ,the directors of EMSAT could not hide hide their joy for a two year journey in poultry farming as productive to them and the entire community.

“As EMSAT family were are not of profit making but our aim is to transform the lives in the entire community especially giving the light to the youths to venture out in different forms in the business sector” Too says.

Led by the directors and their technical team to the farm everyone notices that at every entrance there is a five litre pool of water and a Matt treated with disinfectant is seen at every building where one entering and leaving the room has to step to prevent the transfer of bacteria and germs from outside.

Inside the cages birds are seen enjoying their favourite meal and it’s condusive environment draws a everyone who enters to venture in business opportunity.

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Too, narrates that the feeding troughs are fitted with pipe water at intervals of 30 centimeters and are fixed with drinkers-miniature taps which are red in colour and for birds to access the water ,they routinely peck on the taps causing a gush of droplets and to ensure constant supply of water a 5000 cubic metre tanks has been erected outside the building.

“Each cage is also fitted with a wire mesh at the bottom to allow for collection of laid eggs,where eggs are collected in three interval’s pets day morning , afternoon and late evening”, Too said.He says birds has to be fed well ,kept in warm environment inorder for a good production.

“The type of chicken we rears is layers and all are from Kenchic and since the start of the farming have never come across any challenges about the Kenchic product, chicks grows faster mad meets our company’s expectation”, Too added.

However Emmy Too, also a director of the company says warms environment is important for a day old chicks because they do not have ‘Mother Hen’ to shelter them from cold and at that tender age ,they do not have feathers.

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“The chicks should also be kept warm in the brooders using heaters, vaccinated, fed and in our case, fans should be working.”Mrs Too said.She notes that poultry farming is a good venture but farmers should conduct market search to avoid incurring losses.

She also encourages proper feeding of chicken and adequate supply of water for better yields.”To maintain the growth and health of the birds has to be fed well and vaccinate against diseases especially Newcastle and Fowl pox which are highly contagious ,this morning will keep them laying eggs untill they are two years old when they start to slow down and it’s advisable to dispose the old layers at this stage and get the new breed”,She says .

The directors says they started rearing 500 chicken and since the business boom at now they rears more 4500 birds and are capable rearing more than the said number.”For the last two years chicken droppings the whole place were smelly and could endanger the life thus became a problem, later we found a solution by coming up with an idea of processing organic manure from chicken droppings and we managed come out successful with a fully packed fertilizer containing all types of nutrients for growth of plants”,Mrs Too also said.

She says EMSAT organic manure purely natural and no any chemical has been added as a preservative. ” Since it’s is full of nutrients it’s fits for cattle consumption especially for the dairy cattle where the products are mixed with animal feeds to boost milk production and growth of animals”, She added.


EMSAT family has total Eight employees equipped with knowledge in gearing the growth of the enterprises.

According to the CECM incharge of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Eng.Philip Mason,said the county on plan to put up a chicken butchery plant due to high growth of poultry farming this will help farmers to add value to their produce.

Kericho Deputy Governor, Susan Kikwai,while commissioning the fertilizer processing plant said the county government of Kericho is ready to partner with local investors as a key power to improve people’s living standard.

“Poultry farming is a key contributed not only to food but also as a business and we urge all the youths to venture and explore energy in the agricultural sector and as County government of Kericho in partnership with the World Bank through Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) support poultry farmers groups in the county to realize their dreams through agricultural business ventures”,Kikwai said.