By Guest Contrubutor

21st January 2019

Kenyans join a clarion call for the former Vice President HE. Kalonzo Musyoka to become the fifth President of the republic as 2022 succesion politics looms.

Panic has engulfed the rival camps as the Kalonzo talk goes viral from the urban to rural. However the Wiper Party leader has in his solomonic wisdom disenfrangised emotive proponents by avoiding the confrontational vintage village politics.

Giving a blind eye and deaf ear to the cheap political rhetoric of who is Ukambani region kingpin has elevated Musyoka to the statesmanship Kenyans highly covet. Such ethnic cleansing affairs are toxic for a country that is healing from divisive elections.The silence of the former VP is a clear indicator that subscribers of the handshake have no room for the “Washenzi type” politics that classify Kenyans on tribal lines against patriticism and our national ethos. Every change of regime has a narrative that shapes opinion ahead of polls and in 2022 it will be a battle of “Integrity v/s Corruption” and this makes Musyoka an enemy of many especialy those with corruption at their door step.


Subsquently i urge our people to embrace the culture of love and shun retrogressive calls by some lazy leaders purporting to be agents of development just to lure unsuspecting populations into a looter’s snare to sustain corrupt regimes by determing their successors. It is sad to see governors like Kibwana or Mutua in premature campaigns out there while Makueni and Machakos feature among the few counties that have spend zero on development projects this financiaĺ year according to a report by the controler of budgets. Kambas are literate people who neither want to be treated with cheap PR nor fed with political propaganda by those in search of plunder or fodder. Is it not abomination for this stray lot leaders to desperately use us as bait to catch the attention of Presidential aspirants and gain relevance in the national arena while our people have no medicine in hospitals? I personally encourage them to chase their dream coz this is a democratic era.However that’s not a justification for their charm offensive on Wiper or the anti-Kalonzo smear campaigns going online.

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I welcome all Kenyans to Koma Declaration season two at Kiamba grounds Machakos on 8th February 2019. The event will draw people from all corners of the world in solidarity with the Wiper Party and resolutions made by the Kamba community during last year’s Koma Declaration. All people are invited to attend even if you are of a contrary opinion.We are aware that those opposed to a Kamba becoming President are busy planning a paralel event. We too invite them; Kibwana,Ngilu and Mutua to come we will listen to you. Tell us any valid reason as to why Kalonzo,the son of soil we appointed and annointed to lead the community should not become the fifth President of Kenya.

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There is no more debate on who shall fly our flag not unless a similar convention supported by two thirds of Ukambani; elected leaders,the civil society, religous groups,business community and approved by our three Couty Assembly deems it fit. All ratifications of Koma Declaration are legally binding.

Thank you

The writer is wiper die hard. Hon Musoma JM.
(The Man of Chronicles)