Kenyans PRAISE Ruto for breaking protocols by Inviting Martha to Speak during the Prayer breakfast



Kenyans across the country have continued to praise Deputy President Dr William Ruto for breaking the highly guarded protocols by Inviting Martha Karua to speak during the national prayer breakfast.

Kenyans have described ruto as the most brilliant political leader in the country who took the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from all Kenyans.

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The Dp Ruto also took the opportunity to apologise to the head of the state president uhuru kenyatta if he might have fallen short of expectations.

Many Kenyans said, “the next President is always smart! He just turned the tables on them by inviting Martha Karua!! They wanted President Uhuru to invite Karua after the DP had spoken!!

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“And as Mp Moses Kuria says, for the second time, (first was Kibaki) Kenyans will choose a human President!!”

The Dp went ahead to apologize to his boss Uhuru for falling short of his (own) not national expectations and forgave Uhuru and all who have wronged him for all the bad things he has done to him!! Clean heart!!

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He also promised to respect the will of God as expressed by the people on the ballot!!! He is also persuaded to believe that the next general elections will be peaceful!!