Kenyans Demand kethi kilonzo to break her silence


Where is kethi kilonzo? Kenyans want Kethi to break her silence


Where is the celebrated Kamba legal star Kethi kilonzo, this is the question being asked by netizens in Makueni County and beyond.

Kethi Diana Kilonzo is a Kenyan lawyer, lecturer and accountant. She is the daughter of the late Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo and is most notable for her performance as the head counsel for AFRICOG’s petition against the declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as the president

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Kenyans on social media want kethi kilonzo to vie for a political seat or be nominated for the seat.

The daughter of the late Mutula kilonzo has maintained a low contour since the time of the Jubilee government, she actively participated in legal battles where she earned recognition from leaders in kenya and beyond.

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Kenyan misses her eloquence in Matters legal, she is suave, refined, articulative, just like the late father, but her silence is too loud, “Kenyans demand she comes out and speaks on Matters governance in Kenya.

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