Team Mafisi in Praise of Kalonzo for brilliant Photo Moment


By county diary

The wiper leader HE Kalonzo Musyoka is on the spot as he was seen taking selfies of the hot Nairobi women Rep hon Esther passaris.

Kenyan took to the social media to express themselves with others branding him a hyena after he was spotted taking a photo of sexy Esther passaris during labor day celebration at Uhuru park.

The photo went viral on social media with Kenyan setting their tongues wagging, with some saying he was mesmerized by Esther beauty forcing him to take a photo of her and save it to his phone.

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Kenyan including purity Nyambura shared the photo on the illicit Facebook group called kilimani Muns and dads Uncensored and attracted serious traffic with many, telling her to respect HE kalonzo Musyoka he is a respected statesman.

Back in Kitui county chat the angry residents told the clueless blogger off for behaving like a jilted teenage gal,.What is wrong in photographing your fellow leader?
What’s insane here? Nothing. We are all always grabbing images or clips of leaders.

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Kalonzo is also human and can have intimate relationships without asking anyone for permission, a reporter with mainstream media posted on kitui professional chat WhatsApp group.

That Purity Nyambura is simply paranoid, Everyone can see SKM was shooting a panorama, panning his mobile camera from one end to another and not specifically targeting Esther Pasaris ( as sole subject) Look at the fella seated next to him. He’s also doing it. Simple minds can really spoil our thinking! Andrew Munyoki said.

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Also, a close examination of SKM’s phone indicates that he was shooting a video and he was panning to take a clean shot of the politicians, as opposed to taking a single snap of the female politician.