Kenya Urgently Needs a Viable Economic Policy- Dr Mulwa

Dr Mulwa at his office in Kitui town during the interview. PHOTO/COUNTY DIARY


It is now clear that Kenya has been very sincere with the labour unions to the extend that it has been pushed beyond its economic means in the name of fulfilling employee rights and work environment nurturing!

It is time rife enough to very quickly review downwards the recurrent expenditure and very fast capture the huge debt swelling.

The government needs to stamp its authority on project prioritization policy and retreat from planning to spent beyond its means!

The government should develop a policy of exporting human resources as we have many jobless and idle educated youths who can productively earn and in return invest and build the economy!

It should encourage and provide subsidy on exports and provide viable motivation policy to local businessmen! Heavy taxation kills businesses and destroys economy!

The position of Kenyan economy by today is worrying even the children of this country and kenya should never dream of providing any free service to Kenyans as its economy is unpredictably too weak apart from those which are funded by donors and well wishers ! If things go unchecked then we inevitably face economic uncertainties!


It should be noted when a nation is trapped in debts , taxation increases under the pressure of repayment and cost of living equally hikes!

Companies close down due to high cost of production and poor taxation policies , Employment declines as crimes and other evils spirally spike !it is very easy to mobilise young people and fund them for violence or even civil disobedience or even worse to atrocities ! All this is in the height of economic meltdown , turmoil and disorder!

Am deeply concerned by the deterioration of Kenyan economy in the face of continued borrowing and accrued debts and I request the authorities to Champion and take lead for the relevant solutions first by prioritization of expenditure and plan within means!

Possible approaches to capture the economic dilemma:

Reduce the allocation to the ministries and give room to counties as units for developments ! Cut down duty duplication , idle civil servants caught up in the devolution should be out phased and finally strictly capture ghost workers in order to minimise wage bill!

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The nation should with immediate effect review the salaries of the civil servants and state officers downwards and the president may take lead as a gesture to the course of reducing the wage bill and living within means !

We are begging and borrowing on a daily basis from merciless lenders and there is danger of an economic crisis in Kenya with very high possibility of Kenya’s prime assets being captured and managed by lenders for over hundred years in order to recover the loans they gave to us further worsening the economy!

Proper penalty and punishment should be well provided to those found stealing public money or on corruption !

Kenya is very fast sinking and authority is needed like yesterday to unearth financial evils in the system and stop corruption at once and procurement laws sharpened against the culprits

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Create a subsidised cost reduction environment for manufacturing and production to increase jobs and exports for foreign exchange!Made in Kenya should Atleast be found in the shelves of east and central Africa by today!

Farmers should be supported and water provided in dry areas to increase and commit Kenyans into agriculture for all types of farming businesses and other related activities !

Send a delegation to India a nation with billions of people for case study on how it feeds its people and in addition export food to many nations even to kenya!

I mean poor economy can mess with the rich and poor both and we need to abruptly wake up and identify every possible solution to capture the looming economic crisis in Kenya!

If things go unchecked then we will inherit to our children and the lineage alot of suffering and poverty under economic atrocities committed by poor economic planning!

Finally if we do not have the right economic planners in Kenya then very fast import economists and contract them to provide solutions to the situation lest we eminently face inevitable tough economic times ahead!