Keep Politics away from Security Matters Mp Kaki Dismiss camel barons


The outspoken kitui South Member of Parliament Dr Rachel kaki Nyamai has urged members of parliament from Tanariver, to refrain from politicizing the security docket and it’s operations, in regard to the eviction of camel herders in kitui south game reserve.

Inyali camp is in my constituency, it a place where people have been killed, mimed, properties destroyed, as a member of Parliament , I have buried over twenty-five people having been attacked by thugs who masquerade as camel headers, kitui south mp added.


In a heated live televised debate on the floor of the national assembly house, Dr kaki asked her counterparts from tana river to stop politicizing the security operation in kitui south game reserve.

Over 100 people have been killed in kitui south, women raped,people abducted, people displaced, schools closed, hospitals closed over banditry attacks, furious Mp said

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Enyali camp was an illegal settlement where over 600 children where not going to any school save for religious studies.

In what was seen as blow to blow Dr kaki challenged Tanariver Mp who were saying that Enyali is in Tanariver to account if there is any student who have ever did any exam from the illegal camp.

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The Mp rained her praise to the Government and interior Cabinet Secretary Dr fred Matiang’i for ordering the destruction of the alshabab camp and eviction of the people who were residing at the camp.



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