We are Coming for you, KEEP off school Gals Ben kilonzo WARNS vampires & predators


On Wednesday 5th, August, 2020, the Manager in the office of kitui woman representative Ben Kilonzo, revealed the number of teenage pregnancy in kitui is worrying and disclosed that the Office of women rep will run those predators to the chains.

“It’s extremely worrying, to hear “Ngula mee” (Nyakanyolis ) are preying on under-age girls in kitui, if the men only sexually desires students and pupils, they should make school uniforms for their wives and stop defiling the under age teenagers, we will arrest them and put them where they belong, Ben warned.

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Minors defilement should be reported to the police forthwith and the office of Dr Irene Kasalu notified immediately. “I will also start mobilising the youth to deal with this ill-mannered men in the society head on” Ben Added.

Kitui County MP Dr. Irene Kasalu’s office Manager, Mr. Ben Kilonzo was speaking during the send off Solenm of the late Mzee Zakayo Kimanzi Mulu in Mosa, Kisasi Ward, Kitui County.

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Kilonzo fumed after 3027 cases of teenage pregnancies were reported in Kitui County since March 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Photo file: Ben kilonzo, National youth council member, and manager at the office of kitui woman representative