Keep Off My Turf – Mulyungi Warns Hustler Nation



Marauding anti-BBI musketeers have been warned to keep off Mwingi Central constituency as the BBI referendum that will introduce cohesion, unity and prosperity to Kenyans looms in the not so distant future.

Wiper Strongman, the no nonsense Mwingi Central MP Dr. Gideon MULYUNGI popularly known as Tsunami told cheering crowds during development projects stop-overs and detours through Nguni, Nuu and Waita Wards in his enclave a fortnight ago that his people should “not allow
marauding political conmen and their ilk in their midst, wether coming from within or without”

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In a seemingly rhetorical speech filled with pro-BBI sentiments and innuendos, and that seemed to rally the people to reject outsiders “driven by the need to fill their already bulging stomachs at the expense of my people” Hon. Gideon Mulyungi told Hustler Nation to give Mwingi a wide berth.

“When BBI comes to force, our Son will be sitting at the high table this time round. We have been out in the cold for so long -10 years” said Mulyungi.

The MP said that he will keep on educating and sensitizing his people on the myriad benefits that BBI will bring forth.

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“It’s is not only the counties that will reap big but youths and women will benefit from funds and loans from the state. Some of these loans for youths are slated to be paid after a grace of 7 years – that is one of the miracles that BBI goodies will bring to Kenyans. Everyone can agree with me that this is new dawn – a chance of a lifetime” said the highly effective legislator who emerged No 1 amongst Kitui MPs in development feats- according to INFOTRAK.