Keep Off Kitui East – Mbai Warns BBI Vote Hunters Outsiders


Don’t Dictate To My People Over BBI – Mbai Warns Marauding Pro BBI Politicians


Marauding pro-BBI mandarins have been warned to keep off Kitui East as the Proposed referendum that will introduce a ballooned executive looms in the distance.

Hon. Nimrod Mbai, the no nonsense Kitui East MP popularly known as Mbaya Mbaya told a cheering gathering in Sombe, deep in his enclave that they should “chase away anyone coming to dictate on how and where to vote on BBI”

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In a seemingly rhetorical speech filled with anti-BBI sentiments and innuendos, and that seemed to rally the people to reject outsiders and a certain Senator, Mbai said;

“We elected the Senator to oversee expenditure and cut on the excess of the executive and to find us more money. We didn’t elect him to come and dictate to us over BBI” said a soft speaking Mbai, tongue in the cheek – characteristic of the authority he still carries along as a former cop.

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The MP said that his people have not deliberated on BBI as yet.

Our people will make their own decisions on the BBI once they read the document and understand it, Mbai added.

The mp took swipe at some he did not mention saying the current constitution which was drafted by the late son of mutito Nzamba kitonga had proposed Mwingi as a county but someone maliciously removed it.

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We will not support the document if it will make add more constituency in kitui, Mp told cheering mourners.