Sex scandal as Kasolo & Fortune Mwikali Expose their Dark Past



The two Controversial Gospel Musician has chosen to expose their silly dark past for all to see, devil is at work, Pray for these young Gospel artists.

The two songbirds have chosen to show the world their true colours, Not everyone who calls my Name will enter the kingdom of heaven.

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Kambaland gospel musician Stephen Kasolo Kitole has stricken conversation online again, after an upcoming gospel musician by the name Fortune Mwikali accused him of several allegations, ranging from gayism ,extortion and devil worshipping.

In a heated online exchange of war,The Nzeluni Girl’s School Alumni, accused Kitole hitmaker for alledly trying to have her killed after she dared to expose him, following her refusal to heed to his sexual advances and failure to join what she termed as a “cult”.

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Please See : The screenshots appearing in this story are taken from Fortune Mwikali’s Facebook app status upload.