Kamba,Kalenjins have been great buddies-Mp Mbai


Kitui East Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai has said Kambas have been friends with Kalenjins since independence, taking centre and important roles in the Military, the Police and in the Country’s political leadership.

Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai is a Kenyan politician and the current Member of Parliament for Kitui East Constituency.

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He was elected on a Jubilee Party ticket in the August 8th elections. He won after garnering a total of 14, 256 votes.

The retired President Hon Moi worked with Mulu Mutisya through out his Presidency, Moi worked with Kalonzo and appointed him in various positions together with other Kamba leaders with Nyiva Mwendwa being appointed by Moi as the first ever Woman Cabinet Minister in Kenya.

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Military General Mulinge, and Major General Musomba saved Moi’s life and Presidency during the 1982 Military Coup, and we have Kalenjins working with Kambas in daily basis all over the country.

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“The Kamba Community will not give attention to unnecessary drama, we will protect and utilise our friendship with our friends”, Mp has said