By Makueni reporter

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is on the public lenses following negative remarks that seem to sexually demean Kamba Men and Women.

According to a video that has gone viral, Raila is heard telling a gathering of members of Kamba Community living in Kibra that they are just as loyal as their women on sexual promises. “I know Kamba people are just loyal like their women.

When they say they will give it to you,they surely will” he told the congregation. This pits three Ukambani governors who spend a better part of the weekend campaigning for ODM candidate in Kibra by-election Imran Okoth against their electorate for remaining silent and accompanying a man who insults their community.

However Ukambani Leaders and Wiper supporters never took it lightly they trolled the ODM party chief on social media accusing him of taking their kindness for weakness. “I am shocked by Raila’s insult to the Akamba Community and all women.

Ati we are like women if we agree we agree. The fact that HE. Kalonzo has agreed to deputize you twice losing doesn’t qualify you to imagine us as weak” warned Mavoko MP Patrick Makau in reference to the Cord and Nasa coalitions.

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“We only wanted to win and bring change to this nation that has been raped economically” he added noting that he has realized the Odinga doesn’t respect the Kamba Nation.

Wavinya Ndeti a vocal former Machakos Gubernatorial candidate and a die hard supporter of the Nasa Principal said that later was disrespectful “Baba am very disappointed with your statement.

Kambas are patient and loyal but we will not be taken for granted under any circumstances. We supported you for ten years and you should respect my community” said Ndeti under the hashtag #ProudKamba.

The civil society groups were not left out, Musoma a vibrant young Political Activist who is and a die hard Wiper supporter accused Ukambani Governors for
betraying their moral authority.

He castigated the trio for dinning and whining with a man who insults their daughters, mothers and fathers infront of them. “Yu Kibwana, Ngilu na Mutua makengie Raila aka maitu Ukamba maivatanaa kìndu_aaatì nundu wa mìndo_aatì. Ve andu amwe utatia na Ndanu ndathambya nyumba….. Wamona matavye Nduku wa kììmanì akwiie Ngwata na athikwa Kambu”


he posted in Kamba (So Kibwana, Ngilu and Mutua lied to Raila that our Kamba women are low lying fruits that a passersby can pick at will to address an immediate need.

There are people you can not trust with an house girl….. When you meet them tell that our proverbial generous Nduku wa Kiimani died at Ngwata town and we buried her in Kambu village”. Nduku wa Kiimani is a metaphor for a loose woman who would easily submit to any strange man on her way to fetch water.

“Politics of use and dump are gone we must support the one who can save this nation from drowning in the ocean of corruption” said the National Secretary General of Wiper youth Lynette Mbula Mutula whose also a Nominated MCA in Makueni County Assembly.

Raila’s name has been criticised in all online platforms and local gatherings with outrageous calls on Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka who has for more than a decade been the community’s Kingpin to disenfranchise from Nasa over simultaneous betrayal by ODM.

Many feel that Odinga has resulted to slander coz he has no excuse for not having enough reasons to honor his coalition MoU in the next polls. According to Nasa agreement Kalonzo should be the coalition’s Presidential candidate.

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Kambas now want Kalonzo to consider working with Ruto or find any other suitable leader who can respect and reward their support in ballot.

Wiper Party which enjoys the confidence of Ukambani electorates has no candidate for Kibra and the question on who to support in the Thursday by-election becoming thorny.

Most young wiper democrats want Mariga the Jubilee candidate to win so that they can purnish baba while others want him to support Imran the ODM candidate but a majority of the elected leaders in Wiper want their Party Leader to keep off instead of picking unnecessary battles.

However the Wiper Party Leader has tactically avoided Kibra politics and instead travelled to the troubled Southern Sudan for a peace talks mission as campaigns come to an end.

This comes shortly after ODM Secretary general Edwin Sifuna hinted that the party is seeking alliance with other leaders ahead if 2022 and that Nasa coalition might stand dissolved after Kibra by_election.

He has since the faced criticism for referring coalition partners as parasites. Nasa might be on it’s death bed if the principals wont mend fences soon.