Kamba Maesto hitmaker Wamaiyu Ditches Dr. Malombe to David Musila – Audio


    By TCD MOLE.

    Kamba vocalist and former Mwingi county council chairman hon Wamaiyu has finally ditched Jonathan Mueke, Dr Malombe and Governor Charity Ngilu for Hon david Musila’s camp.

    According to his latest sensational ballad, Wamaiyu alleged Dr Malombe and Governor Charity Ngilu have a scheme to continue marginalising the larger Mwingi, and called upon the peripheral constituency to back Hon David Musila for the county top seat.

    According to hon Katee wa Ndana; he said ” as someone who considers himself a very good friend to Wa Maiyu I can attest that he is and still remains very close to Sen. David Musila.

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    Infact NO consideration for the support of anyone can come between the two.He has never supported Governor Malombe after the 2013 election.He at some point remained friendly and endorsed Governor charity Ngilu immediately after her win and as an aftermath of the protracted Wiper nominations.

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    So did his peer Senator. Musila who initially endorsed her. However to those who know Wa Maiyu very well he makes his own friends and nothing holds between him and his friends irrespective of whether they collide with any politicians including Kingpins.

    He once told me there are some foolish politicians who mistake that there close relationship with the Ukambani supremo as being his automatic friends which can never be the case.On his relationship with the Kingpin he has benefitted from him as well as vice versa.

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    I know a few guys who are his very close friends irrespective of the political divide. Sen. Musila/Muthama and Hon. Charles Kilonzo of Yatta. He was also very close to Sen. Mutula Snr” Katee Wrote on social media.

    Photo file: Met And endorsed Governor Charity Ngilu
    Photo file: Met Doctor Malombe and endorsed his candidature.

    He met Dp William Ruto in Karen and endorsed Dr Jonathan Mueke few weeks ago.