Kamba Culture Maestro Wamaiyu New Song Hits Turn Coats Hard


A new Kamba cultural cum political maestro Musyoka Wamaiyu has released a new song – and oh boy, it is blasting through the internet like a wild fire.

The song sounds a death kennel to some politicians and heavyweights in Mwingi North while sending a caution to politicians against trusting their friends in this new era of “Big Brother Is Watching” two-way communications technology.

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” What happened to the area MP can happen to anyone in politics. Listen to what a close friend did to the current Mwingi North MP. He was allegedly recorded by a friend who then spilled the beans” says Wamaiyu.

The song, directed to the ever changing and dynamic politics of Mwingi North Constituency points to the fact that there is always an “Hidden Hand” belonging to none other than the Kamba Kingpin Kalonzo Musyoka.

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“While Malili will be forced to block his friends from his phone contacts, Irianga might just take the seat and lose it even before comes to terms with what hits him thereafter” says part if the interlude.

The lyrics remind one of the popular ’48 Laws of Power’ by Robert Greene.

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listen to wamaiyu song below