Kalonzo’s Footsoldiers Accuse ODM Of Undermining Wiper


On Thursday, August 2020, the wiper young Democrats led by Kalonzo Musyoka foot soldiers Deputy Secretary-General Mr Anthony Mukula Mutua, and Mr Daniel Kimanzi Mwaniki accused ODM of Undermining wiper party leader HE Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

In a press release shared to news Editors, the team said, “diehards of wiper Democratic movement, we are more seethed by the nonsensical and gibberish plot by ODM to expel the deputy leader of the minority party Nairobi county assembly”. This is a sheer timidness and jealous by the ODM.

Daniel Kimanzi Mwaniki alias Mattermatizer, a popular Youth leader in Mwingi.

“I’m dead right that ODM has a beef, are nonplussed and have developed cold feet after Wiper Party signed a working agreement with Jubilee party”.

It’s admittedly that ODM has been reaping where they have not sown. They have been taking us for granted. They nestle and thrive on the shoulders of Kalonzo to win Kamba votes and later betray us.

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All the other partners in NASA except ODM, have maintained a healthy relationship and mutual respect to each other. ODM has been the irritating fly and a parasite to the coalition. Truly, there’s a black sheep in every flock.

The failure is in the DNA of Raila. The ODM has been chest-thumping in all situations that they’re superior. This is perhaps untrue. Even a fool knows that ODM couldn’t manage 2 million votes without wiper, ANC, Ford Kenya and CCM.

ODM are all dressed and nowhere to go. They’re all cat and no cattle. This move attests that Raila is just a wolf in sheep’s wool. He should remove the word “Democratic” in the name of his party because he’s adulterating the term.

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Kitui Popular youth leader Mr Daniel Kimanzi Mwaniki alias Mattermatizer during the press briefing.

In any political grouping or coalition, there should be a mutual consultation and understanding in effecting any decisions touching on the coalition, especially effecting changes in the national assembly, senate and the county assemblies.

It’s a judicial and conscientious understanding that the political parties should have equal rights and powers in a coalition.

Plotting to remove the deputy minority leader, Hon. Patrick Mbangula, MCA Hospital Ward, who’s elected in Wiper, is a coup de tat.

It’s unlawful, not democratic and won’t be accepted at all cost; at whatever circumstances. We’ve antipathy and aversion to this unconstitutional move by the ODM, which is well choreographed by the ODM gang leader, Raila.

The posts being held by the leaders of Wiper and ANC should remain so until the parliament is dissolved. Handshake wrangles and hatred should never affect the existing leadership structure in the county assemblies.

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Raila’s political career is approaching it’s death throes, He’s at the end of the rope. Being a professional loser, Raila is the straw that broke the camel’s back, We will not lie low or smooth ODM.

Urging the ODM Mps to block the changes is like setting a thief to catch another thief. We won’t do that.

Wiper party is making formidable and impregnable coalitions ahead of 2022. We promise ODM a bruising battle for seats nationally. We will give them a knuckle sandwich. They will understand that diamond cuts diamond. They will be in a funk.

We advise that Political parties should avoid ODM like a plaque. ODM should understand that you catch more flies with honey than with the vinegar. Again, they will require these ladders they’re kicking away.

Signed by
Anthony Mukula Mutua
Deputy Secretary-General