The fact that Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka will be making another stab at the presidency is not in doubt. What is also not in doubt is that SKM remains a solid kingpin of the Kamba community as well as a solid presidential contender in 2022.

As it happens every election year, sections of people rise up and launch themselves as the spoilers in chief for SKM. The good thing is that they always fail and later crawl back to Kalonzo’s hut to seek forgiveness and for political survival. History is replete with these; from embattled Charity Ngilu to Governor Kibwana to Governor Mutua to a myriad of many others.

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At one time or another, these political tadpoles have found it convenient to sing Kalonzo’s tune for them to survive politically.

This election season is not any different. The spoilers have reared their heads once again. Chief among them this season is former Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama, a key beneficiary of the Wiper party.

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Muthama fell out with Kalonzo after the Wiper leader refused to be auctioned to the highest bidder. While it is Muthama’s right to associate and indeed support besieged deputy president Ruto, it should be known that without Kalonzo, Muthama is a non starter. And he knows it. The retired senator cannot whip the Kamba nation to vote with him. Not now, not in future.

Now, it would be a waste of valuable time to discuss other jokers such as Kibwana or even Mutua. These can only be equated to excited young he-goats trying to mount a cow. It’s foolhardy and can return devastating consequences.

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As it is, Kalonzo remains the cornerstone in which the Kamba community takes refuge. He’s the defacto and ultimate leader of national appeal. Wacheni mchezo naniii!