Kalonzo Orders free & Fair Nominations for Kitui between Malombe & Amb. Kiema as Malombe Protests



The wiper top Brass and former Vp HE Dr Stephen Kalonzo has Ordered the wiper party election management committee to hold free and Fair Nominations between Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo and former Kitui Governor Dr Julius Makau Malombe in three weeks.

In a meeting today, the wiper party leader Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka asked the two candidates to be subjected to a fair and free nomination to ascertain who is popular between Dr Malombe and the Ambassador kiema Kilonzo.

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According to an eye-witnessed who was near the meeting, revealed that the former kitui Governor Dr Malombe is said to have protested the decision saying according to the opinion polls, he has over 60 percent rating approval, but he was overruled by the wiper leader.

Kalonzo asked Malombe to face Ambassador kiema kilonzo During the wiper party preliminaries to validate his approval ratings.

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