Kalonzo Hosts Clergy From Rift Valley


On Tuesday, 15th August, 2020 – Wiper Democratic Movement party leader Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka hosted Clergys from Rift Valley.

Speaking during the event, Musyoka (churches) plays significant role for better governance and called for the churches to feel compelled to play in the political process outside of congregational processes and settings.

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Churches can and should teach regularly on moral/ethical subjects such as integrity, sanctity of life and prejudice.
Yesterday when I hosted Clergy men from Kericho, Bomet and other Rift valley counties who had paid me a courtesy call, Kalonzo tweeted.

They reiterated the importance of peace, fight against corruption and cohesion amongst all Kenyans and encouraged me to continue maintaining my integrity in my political journey for it has come time for Kazi bila wizi.

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We prayed together and wished me well in my quest for presidency. Said HE Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka