Kalonzo Foot Soldiers Dismiss Little Known Jonathan Mueke



It’s cut and dry that Muthama had been operating a parallel gang within the formal system of Wiper Democratic movement.

Muthama was just snooping around on wiper affairs. This was justified by his baloney comments and trail of press conferences full of nonsensical lectures.

Jonathan Mueke , the former Nairobi City county deputy Governor , is part of Muthama quintet. Together with Beard Kiala et al .

As a foot soldiers for Kalonzo Musyoka, we have no qualms about the resignation of Mueke. This is what Mueke should have done long ago. A nod is as good as a wink to a blind man .

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We’re in the know Muthama is gathering his flock to back Ruto. We’ve the full list of the cabal of wolves in sheep’s wool in Wiper.

Money is the quid pro quo for the likes of Mueke to relinquish their party membership. Truly, Muthama is a quintessential political broker .

These political rug ruts are swerving political parties blindly. Well, it’s their Democratic right . Wiper Democratic movement has done it’s part by nurturing them to where they are today.

I promise you that all these moves will be watered down. As wiper , we always have a card up our sleeve.

Let’s not veg out on kamba politics . Our aim is the presidency with Dr Kalonzo Musyoka as the next president of kenya. These new political groupings have a negligible effect .

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To jonathan Mueke, as you join Ruto, mind your own business. Don’t trouble the troubles before the troubles trouble you. Don’t try to stir up the hornet’s nest by engaging Wiper Democratic movement in any unnecessary tug of war. After crossing , you don’t destroy the bridges because you never know what tomorrow and the journey has ahead of you. Don’t be carried away by Muthama’s la la land , to forget that you still need Kalonzo Musyoka.

Mueke and his fellows should understand that Kalonzo is the Father and leader of the Kamba community. Muthama is just mobilising his younger brothers to choose a new boyfriend for their mother. This is quite very unfortunate. In 2022, Muthama and company will be avoided like a street pizza.

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