Kalembe Dismisses Wavinya ndeti, Endorses Makau


By Our Reporter.

Controversial Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile has dismissed Wavinya Ndeti saying she has been rejected twice and endorsed Mavoko MP Patrick Makau to be Machakos Governor after Mutua exit in 2022.

“Let Muthama be told that he exited from Wiper and Kalembe came in”.

Let him be told that I came with my own party called TipTip which even had an MP in his constituency, Kyengo Katatha, so we have a big team and we said Kalembe Ingia, Muthama Toka as a matter of fact he was the one who was making wiper not to be a good party, ” Kalembe added.

Kalembes remarks come just days after former Machakos county councillors Friday endorsed Mavoko MP Patrick Makau to be Machakos Governor in 2022.

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Speaking at a funeral in Makutano Kyumbi, Kalembe said that the Mavoko MP was the best man for the job as he was incomparable to the others who are interested in the seat.

Kalembe assured Makau that Transport CAS Wavinya Ndeti was no match for him as she had failed twice even when she ran using a Wiper Party ticket.

“Mutemba (Makau) do not be afraid Muthama can only see the gubernatorial seat in Viusasa, I will go with you everywhere to ask for this seat I would rather not vie for any position because Kalembe is known.

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Do not have worries because Wavinya is close to the Party Leader, No, Wavinya has vied for that seat twice with the same Wiper Ticket where will she get other people even if she is given the Wiper Ticket, ” Said Kalembe.

Kalembe also took a swipe at Muthama for exiting from the Wiper Party saying that was good as he did not add any value to the party because he was not for Wiper in the first place.

Makau is set to face off with Deputy Governor Eng. Francis Maliti, CAS Wavinya Ndeti, Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama among other candidates in the 2022 Gubernatorial race.