Kalelo and Kitute Spit Venom as Control for Nzambani Burst into Flames


The political supremacy is brewing in kitui East pitting Narc National Party chairman Mr kitute and youthful state house guru Mr. James kalelo over the control of rich Nzambani voting block, COUNTY DIARY has learned.

The entrance of young James kalelo, who works at the statehouse into kitui east political contest is causing jittery to current political leaders in the area, Mr kitute who controls chuluni voting block is expected to battle it out with James kalelo over who is who in chuluni and Nzambani rich voting block

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Mr. James kalelo “post” on kitui county WhatsApp group dubbed kitui professional chat has left Political analyst tongue-wagging,

“When you google all parties in Kenya, you will see names of party chairmanship, but when it comes to Narc Party, nothing is in the system and you will not see Narc chairman name, Does it Mean Narc leader assigns a Member to lead a party verbally??

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Because i remember the same thing happened to Amb kiema kilonzo, he was once a Narc chairman but when you go to books, he is nowhere to be seen, am just concerned as a voter of kitui county to know more about this story of chairmanship, Mr. Kalelo posted.

When contacted Mr kitute said he doesn’t want to respond to a none starter, He said kalelo who has just joined the politics the other day has been abusing leaders left- right centre and all over, saying siasa “ti ngima na Mboka ya Mboso”, kitute said.