Justus Myello Takes on Kavwele of Musyifm, Vows to Cut him to size



Stop Using Musyifm station to fight artists and pastors from ukambani, Gospel Musician Justus Myello tells off Self proclaimed bishop kavwele junior of Musyifm as their differences stinks to the high heaven. Angry myello blasts Kavwele Junior.

The celebrated and controversial gospel musician Justus myello has promised to take on kavwele junior of Musyifm as their differences seems to escalate, the COUNTY DIARY HAS LEARNT.

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According to viral audio by myello, the artist accused Kavwele of using Musyifm station to fight the body of Christ instead of using the platform to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Stop using Royal media platforms to destroy The body of Christ, Myello told off Kavwele junior” it’s on public domain that kavwele is using Musyifm station to destroy the body of Christ – myello added.

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Listen to Audio.

Pray for these guys to reconcile.