By Gideon Musili

The Guest Contributor

At the advent of multiparty politics, a senior KANU henchman was quoted saying “Sisi tunataka multiparty moja.” Then, recently another political anchor was quoted saying ” We will support Raila’s BBI and not Ruto’s BBI.”

Today, Raila with only one foot in the Government and holding no constitutional office, is commanding this democratic state into a monolithic society, a closed society not open to divergent views or political diffusion.

That explains why Raila’s leutenant, Mohammed Junet has the uphill task of stopping ANC’s Mudavadi, Ford Kenya’s Wetangula, Wiper’s Kalonzo and DP Ruto and allies from presenting their views to the BBI.

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My question to Junet is, assuming BBI is a Presidential initiative, where is the demarcation between what Raila, Junet and ODM support and, what Ruto, Murkomen and Jubilee support? It is not lost in our minds that, it was this same Junet who given the role of MoC at the official launch of BBI, mishandled the event by painting a picture that Ruto and his allies were excluded from BBI process.

Then after this psychological warfare, Ruto appears to have succeeded in convincing his allies that BBI was a Government’s project and that Jubilee members must not only support but must be seen to be supporting the process. It was wise for the DP to ignore Junet’s public abuses and humble himself in his duty to the Government and his Party Boss, the President of Kenya.

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We have all noticed this change of heart as witnessed at the Mombasa BBI sensitization event. But It was not enough to just enter the BBI campaign and, Ruto had to marshall his team for total compliance.

This is where Ruto’s faithful, Murkomen comes in alongside their preferred recommendation’s. Junet must be strongly advised that presentation of views to BBI is not a preserve of ODM or any other individual party for that matter. None has a monopoly of ideas.

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We cannot be peaching inclusivity and advocating a monolithic culture. For heaven’s sake Junet should spare the energies he’s wasting lecturing Kenyans on their duly elected President and Deputy President. We know them all too well to well to take advice from a late come.