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On the fateful Tuesday of January 2018, Juliann Kavinya was involved in a tragic road accident that left her in a coma.

This is the girl admission to kijabe hospital is kes 150k : minimum 600k for surgery

She was admitted at Machakos Level Five Intensive Care Unit with multiple injuries including a broken jawbone.For the last five months, until May this year, Juliann remained admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. She was then transferred to the High Dependency Unit from the ICU in early may.

The accident left Juliann with immense injuries that still need a series of surgeries as well as close medical care and attention to correct.On 11th July, Juliann underwent a jaw reconstructive surgery, a procedure she’s yet to recover from.

Juliann is a 3rd year university student at Karatina University. Born and raised from Nzatani Village, she has always depended from bursaries and well wishers for her school fees and upkeep given the poverty surrounding her family.Her poor mother, who gets income through doing menial jobs hasn’t been able to raise any funds for Juliann’s medical bill that as we write this is to the tune of over 1 Million Kenya Shillings and counting given the fact that she remains admitted.

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As if Juliann’s accident wasn’t enough, another tragedy struck her poor family yet again. During the previous rainy season, her mother’s mud house and latrine were all swept away by the heavy rains. This left the family hopeless and helpless. A good Samaritan and a community member has since then housed Mama Juliann who has no where else to go, not even a temporary or makeshift house.The situation is devastating, Juliann is in pain and suffering, the doctors are doing all they can to help Juliann live a normal life.Right now, she remains bedridden while still in hospital.


To help this family reconstruct their lives, to pay for Juliann’s huge medical bills that are increasing every single day, we are appealing to all kind humans out there to chip in and support this noble cause in whatever way possible.

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Your help however small will go a long way. We want to see Juliann, the only hope of her single mother, go back to university, clear her academics, and come back home to help her poor mother,

Send whatever amount of money you can to the till number below, and as you do so, remember this suffering family in your prayers, God bless Juliann, God Bless her family and God bless you for responding to Julian’s lamentations.

Kavinya and her mom have been kicked out of Amenity Wards. They are waiting for their verdict at General wards. She is crying
unconfirmed Report from Kitui General hospital is that by Monday Kavinya to be discharged to home or booked to Kijabe.Either places.Let’s bare in mind that there is no home.Those who have pledged please pay your pledges. Our option is Kijabe

Mwingi west online community through our whatsapp group they have raised around 70k in her support



For more information contact:

Lilian Mwinzi 0712123846