Jubilee Party Leaders Move In To Quell Animosity Within Ranks



The ruling Jubilee Party has called for members only Kamukunji meeting to be attended by it’s rank and file.

The meeting comes in the wake of an eminent and looming spilt that is threatening to split the party into two revolting camps within the same party.

According to a Press Release made available to the Media, all Jubilee Party Members of Parliament have been summoned to an urgent meeting.

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Divisions and opposing camps have been rocking the ruling Jubilee Party since last year

Reports of divisions have been rocking the Uhuru Kenyatta led Party for some time now and it is time for pecking order to be established.

The Press Release, dated 07 February 2020, the party Secretary General Raphael Tuju affirmed that he had the President’s blessings in summoning all Jubilee party.

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The rendezvous is pegged on 14 February 2020.

“After consultations within the Party leadership and with permission granted by the party leader, there will be a consultative meeting of Jubilee MPs on Friday, February 14 at the Kenya School of Government,” Tuju wrote in a statement.

The meeting will see lawmakers from both the Tangatanga and Kieleweke outfit from both the Senate and the National Assembly meet for the first time.

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Tuju however clarified that the upcoming meeting is not a parliamentary group meeting as it would not be chaired by the Head of State.