Jubilee MP Blasts/tells Off Uhuru and Raila


During the struggle for freedom and substantive justice, some former patriots like Raila Odinga and James Orengo will fall by the wayside and join the government while new freedom fighters like Alice Wahome will emerge from their ashes. We must FOCUS on the STRUGGLE, Miguna Miguna Posted on his social media sites.

Don’t attack Alice Wahome. Remember that Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Tom Mboya, Pio Pinto Gama and Achieng’ Oneko made Jomo Kenyatta HEAD OF STATE.

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The struggle for liberation is not a wedding ceremony or a religious ritual. The struggle requires fearlessness.

A lot has been said about Alice Wahome,The Mp for Kandara, let me put it this way We all know that Alice is a Jubilee elect mp she played a key role and she was part of the journey to Statehouse she is the famous Alice who frog matched a Returning officer in order to protect Uhuru’s votes and not anyone else’s.

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Mp Alice has been bold enough to criticize and tell off her president,yes it is her president just like all the other Jubilee party stakeholders Members and those who played a key role to ensure 54% was achieved,We have a right to tell him off,Criticize, and tell our president what the Mwananchi would have would have told him or what his “employers” read voters wants him to know ..

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What amazes me is how the mbwa mwitu and tukunias followers have come out guns blazing criticising Alice, If you know you were not part of the completing the journey with Uhuru shut up and wait for your mbwa mwitu to ask you to bark once again and destabilize the country for that your speciality …Let us tell our employee how things are different at the ground…we gave a right to correct and reprimand our employee..