Join the Government, refuse to stay in a political prison, ukambani leaders told



The residents of ukambani are calling upon their leaders to come out of political prison and join the government for the sake of her people.

The fearless former kitui governor Hon Charity Ngilu has been asked to join William Ruto and lead the community to the government if Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is not willing to work with the government of the day.

It’s official that Kalonzo Musyoka cannot do any move forward without Raila he cannot believe he will be out of the government for the next ten years.

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Azimio political matrix came to an end on 9/8/2022.Azimio died & was buried long ago! There is no miracle that can help kamba nation to accent to power while under Raila Odinga.

What we have now is ODM,Wiper and small unpopular and lost political parties hangling in unknown directions.

The leadership of the two parties should be branding now for senatorial, gubernatorial,Women representation, Parliamentary and members of county assembly but NOT presidential or presidency which is long gone!Tukubali tu,mapema ndio best!

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H.E Ruto is extraordinarily smart & brilliant full of serious & super strategies and energetic for 2027
No one will match him!! president Ruto is going to do ten years undisputed. after ten years Raila who is 79 will be 89, Kalonzo who is 70 will be 80.

Kalonzo should have started doing a series of political & politicians meetings and work with William Ruto, there is no other miracle to bring presidency in Ukambani.

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He is getting late day in day out,
Recently Kalonzo asked for prayers to come of the political prison, Deputy President Hon Rigathi Gachagua while in Kitui last year said they have called kalonzo Musyoka to a table for discussion, but they don’t understand him.