Why Jealousy is The Final Stage for Someone to Become full-time Witch


jealous among brethren burns like buttock boil, it drives weak people to a state of committing suicide, ranting and yelling on social media like a lost pregnant burukenge.

If you see your workmates, colleagues, siblings, cousins, friends, neighbours or any other person doing well in life for themselves and your heart develops an attitude of pain- wake up, go pray. You are in the final stages of becoming a witch.

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If someone’s happiness is giving you sleepless nights and pains in the heart go to church and pray to seek the services of a professional counsellor. You are a potential witch doctor and you are heading to your destruction.

It’s very easy and simple to control and manage your weak points in life, If someone’s great relationship is giving you pain in the heart and you secretly wish them a break-up, go pray. You are a potential witch.

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Witchcraft starts with your unhappiness about people’s happiness and success, spending too much time trying to put off people’s candles will never make you shine instead it will soil your destiny.

Those negative thoughts in your head are a recipe for witchcraft. Pray God to deliver you from the bondage, Go and pray.

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