It’s Two Horse Race in Mwingi North As Wakili Charles Mwalimu Wins Banquet



It’s Two Horse Race in Mwingi North: Wakili Charles Mwalimu’s popularity sweep Mwingi North like Bush fire.
The rate at which the ground is shifting towards Hon WAKILI CHARLES MWALIMU AKA MCM in MWINGI NORTH is profoundly impressive. Walk with me.
The current political turbulence experienced in MWINGI NORTH has swept away all the opponents in a deep sea never to resurface again any soon..

The young politician growing popularity has continued to sweep the entire constituency like bush furnace in karaari desert.

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If I were the personal assistant to either Johnmunuve, iriagaa, I would advise either one of the the to withdraw his bid and support Hon CHARLES MWALIMU in August elections. The Contest is zeroing into two horse race.

The MWINGI NORTH choice for mp for 2022 is already done and dusted, any sober mind should be thinking about the fate of 2027 when Hon CHARLES quits to the next level.

Any smart mp aspirant in MN at this point should throw his weight behind Hon WAKILI CHARLES MWALIMU under one condition CHARLES returns the hand in 2027 as he shifts to high politics.

This is the only way one from the trio can win in 2027 failure to which a new face may appear in 2027 and beat them squarely.