Kitui rural legislator Bon Mwalika wins praise from Netizens


By Our Reporter

Kitui stone crusher politics will make or destroy political careers in Kitui rural as residents Give Governor Ngilu a Clean bill of health

KITUI-As the residents of Kitui Rural and politicians keep guessing on when they will use a political stone crusher to resurrect their political careers, the COUNTY DIARY has learned that the current member of parliament Hon Bon Mwalika is growing strong and formidable despite negative media publicity.

Hon Ben Mwongela is among those eying Kitui rural seat by 2022/PHOTO/CD.

Politician Ben Mwongela alias Muthukumi who ranks as the top contender and a front runner for Kitui Rural parliamentary seat.

A career community development maestro, Mwongela holds a Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Management from the Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands.

He has been involved in enterprise development and program management for over 20 years.

When the COUNTY DIARY quizzed him over the stone crusher issue that has dogged the public since it’s procurement, Muthukumi called for ceasefire and unity – had this to say;


“The current leadership, local and SACCO leaders should engage the County Government and agree on clear terms of the deal before the meeting scheduled for August 17th” Muthukumi told our reporters on Monday.

Muthukumi, a Ph.D. fellow in Business Strategy at Moi University’s School of Economics and Business was voted as the Overall Best Trainer in Kenya by the Kenya Management Assistance Program in 1998.

Ben Muthukumi, a sleek, suave and development oriented citizen is also a pilitician of repute, despite maintaing a low key publicity.

Now it his time to shine at the podium.

“He is mature and very sober. He is mature and he is a sure bet. He is currently the only man who can unseat the strong man Hon Mwalika” said a local political pundit.

The Mp and Ben Mwongela have continued to win banquets of praise from netizens on how they single-handedly handled the Kwa Kilui declaration.

Residents who had pegged their hopes on the Kitui crusher had attended the meeting to learn the way forward but politicians used the opportunity to keep misleading the masses for their 2022 political gains.

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It was not until when Kitui Rural Member of Parliament Hon Bon Mwalika rose to speak, Tempers ran high at the meeting at Kwa kilui with people wondering why the hon Bon Mwalika had not been given the opportunity to address them.

It took the popular MP five minutes to cool down tempers.

The Mp proposed the following That two co-operatives should be merged into one and recruit more members for two reasons. One two have bigger bargaining power and two to mobilize resources to buy shares in the crusher if need be, 2 That the proposed committee of 10 members be formed together with elected leaders to negotiate with the county government on the shareholding of the crusher and other benefits to the community during the heated stone crusher meeting at kwa kilui the legislator called upon leaders to avoid misleading the people, he was the one who used to control the speaker who were boiling like hot water.

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Transparent background

The almost award-winning leader for Transparency in the continued allocation of CDF Funds has won Kitui Rural Member of Parliament Hon. Bon Mwalika banquets and praises from residents, County Diary has learned.

According to residents who spoke to our News Desk, the constituents have expressed their joy and satisfaction to the manner in which member of Parliament is doing in the area.

The NG CDF under the leadership of Member of Parliament Hon Mwalika who has continued to issue NG-CDF funds in a modern and transparent manner based on the priority needs of the locals.

The MP is known to be cool and focused. He is loved, he listens and hated in equal measure. Bon Mwalika attracts both friends and foe with equal measure, nevertheless, He is assertive, humorous, eloquent and commands a fanatic following inside the constituency spheres.